Explore Tanjore Art and Its Universe

Tanjore Art Gallery is committed to delivering the age-old traditional art form of Thanjavur paintings in Coimbatore to people. We have an exclusive range of best Tanjore paintings that are specifically made by our experienced artisans in the traditional way, bringing out the true divinity and elegance of the painting.

Popularity Surrounding the Tanjore Paintings:

Tanjore paintings have their roots with King Raja Raja Cholan I who was a great patron of traditional arts. This Tanjore art form went on to be a significant part of the world-renowned Brihadeeswarar Temple located in Thanjavur which was commissioned to build by Raja Raja Cholan I between 1003 and 1010 CE. Even today these traditional art forms can be seen in and around the temple walls as Murals.

Later during the rule of Marathas, they spread this art form in their kingdom also which can be seen even today on the walls of Maratha Mahal in Thanjavur during their rule. It is this vast history had by Tanjore art that makes it inevitable for them to have a great number of avid art lovers in this present day. Since this art form had its birth in Thanjavur, we have kept our brand’s name as ‘Tanjore Art Gallery’ to cement this significance. We at Tanjore Art Gallery craft our traditional paintings following the same style and rules that were practiced 450 years ago.

Significance of Tanjore Art

God forms in the art are of 5 types and they are,

  • Mantra
  • Tantra
  • Yantra
  • Purana
  • Agama

The epitome of art is showcased in temples with it having a coat of gold and this also can be seen in our antique Tanjore paintings where they have a coating of 22 Carat pure gold.

Meanwhile, Tanjore paintings are not just mere paintings but also have a scientific connection to them. Similar to how temples or for that matter our bodies are connected to the cosmic energy of this universe this can be seen in our paintings. When visiting a temple our body attracts this cosmic energy and by implementing centuries-old art forms in our Tanjore paintings and by precisely devising the Subject Composition ourselves this very cosmic energy is instilled in our paintings. So, for people who are unable to visit temples regularly, they could buy our Tanjore paintings and keep them in their homes and by doing so the divine cosmic energy will be present in your surroundings too.

How Do Tanjore Paintings Differ from Traditional Sculptures?

Similar to temples if you place a god’s sculpture in your home you will have to perform Neyveidhyam regularly similar to how it is done in temples to keep the positive energy of the sculpture intact.

But this is absolutely not required for embossed Tanjore paintings and customers get the paint either in 2D or 3D form. Compared to ordinary handmade paintings, our paintings which are coated with 22 Carat pure gold have a greater quality to attract positive cosmic energy.

Why Tanjore Art Gallery:

Well, that is a great question to elaborate on. The cosmic energy and God forms discussed above are all based on the knowledge gained from Gurukulam that specializes in these topics. Our M.D enrolled in Thiruvaduthurai Madam and studied Saiva Siddhantam extensively. He also earned Siddhanta Ratna title after successfully completing Saiva Siddhantam. Through the knowledge gained by our M.D, we create paintings based on the Sthapatya Veda and the traditional Murals in Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar Temple. This allows us deliver the best antique tanjore painting for sale in Coimbatore.

When you visit Tanjore Art Gallery you get the opportunity to buy unique paintings for every wall in your home. Our brand’s caption in itself says ‘Where Creator is Created’ and we strive to create paintings that are traditional and have a distinct character to them.